About Us

Global Tech Frim

Global Tech Firm is a private Web3 technology holding company that is modeled after the index fund strategy. We design, develop, and acquire software technology across multiple sectors in the IT industry. Technology is digital and global, and our team members live and work in different countries all around the world.

We started out small, as a firm that developed custom websites and mobile apps for clients. Then we started to build our own products, and acquire products from other developers. Our background in finance and investing helped us to build a corporate structure focused on creating world class products for our users, a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, and maximum returns for our shareholders.

Global Tech Firm is focused on future technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more. We believe that technology is transforming the way that human beings live and work, and we aim to develop world class products to improve the quality of life for users around the world.

Our Technology

We develop software
with blockchain and
artificial intelligence.



We build custom software with IBM
Hyperledger blockchain technology.


Artificial Intelligence

We include artificial intelligence in
all of the products that we develop.